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Octopus Network and 12 NEAR Protocol Projects Host Epic Treasure Hunt! 🎁💰🤑

César Incio
2 min readFeb 16


Octopus Network + 12 other NEAR Projects Treasure Hunt
Octopus Network Treasure Hunt

The Octopus Network, one of the leading projects in the NEAR Protocol Ecosystem, has recently announced a big event that is sure to excite and delight the crypto community. Along with 12 other United Reputation Builders (URB) projects, Octopus Network is launching the first-ever inter-collaboration campaign, and it’s all about the Treasure Hunt!

The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is a unique opportunity to learn about Octopus Network and other NEAR projects while exploring the blockchain ecosystem like never before. You can earn rewards and uncover hidden gems by participating in this exciting event.


The campaign will run from February 6th to February 27th, so don’t wait to participate! The more you engage in the Treasure Hunt, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn big rewards from the reward pool.

A Rewarding Experience

Each participating URB project contributes to the Treasure Hunt’s reward pool in the form of either their own tokens, NEAR tokens, or NFTs. The tokens will be shared among the eligible participants.

How to Participate

To participate in the Treasure Hunt, you’ll need to meet a few eligibility requirements. First, make sure you have the RiK Treasure Hunter role and have at least 1 point in the Treasure Hunt’s Leaderboard. Second, you must provide a NEAR wallet address to be eligible to receive rewards. If you don’t have an eligible NEAR wallet, you can create one easily here.

Ready to join the adventure?

  1. Follow @ReputationisKng and @oct_network on Twitter
  2. Join the | ReputationIsKing Discord Server: and get your RiK Treasure Hunter Role 👉
  3. Start your Hunt!

For a detailed guide on how to participate, check out this article.

This inter-collaboration campaign is an excellent way to get involved with the NEAR Protocol ecosystem, learn about different NEAR projects, and earn rewards. So, join the adventure and start your Treasure Hunt today!



César Incio

DLT/Web3 Translator | Octopus Network Ambassador