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🎨 Design our Logo and Reel in Your Share of the $150 Prize Pool! 🐙

César Incio
2 min readJun 11


Logo Design Contest Managed by the Octopus Network Community, The Octopus Guild.

Calling all talented artists and creative minds!
We’re thrilled to announce the Octopus Guild Logo Contest, where we’re on the lookout for a visually striking and unforgettable logo to represent our Octopus Network community project. Get ready to make waves with your design!

🏆 Contest Guidelines:

  1. Submit up to three unique logo designs that capture the essence of Octopus Guild. Let your imagination run wild!
  2. The top three designs will share a prize pool of $150, with $50 for each selected design.
  3. How to Enter: Post your logo design on Twitter with the hashtag #OctopusGuildLogoContest, follow @oct_network and @Octopus_Guild, and tag 3 friends. Likes and retweets will boost your chances!
  4. Selection Process: Our team will carefully review all submissions, showcasing the top designs for community voting. The top three winners, determined by a combination of public votes and our evaluation, will share the $150 prize pool ($50 each).

📆 Timeline:

- Contest Launch: June 11, 2023
- Submission Deadline: June 14, 2023
- Shortlisting of Designs: June 15, 2023
- Voting Period: June 16–17, 2023
- Winner Announcement: June 18, 2023

📜 Terms and Conditions:

  1. By participating, you agree to transfer the ownership of your design to Octopus Guild.
  2. We may make necessary changes to the winning design to align it with our brand guidelines.

3. If no suitable design is found, we may choose not to declare a winner.

4. Final Decision: Our selection process will be fair and final.

🎨 Join the Octopus Guild Logo Contest now and let your creativity shine! This is your chance to make a splash and leave a lasting mark in our community. Dive in and show us your artistic brilliance! 🐙✨



César Incio

DLT/Web3 Translator | Octopus Network Ambassador