Octopus Network’s Contribution to NDC’s Vision

Support the Octopus Network Founder Nomination for House of Merit Seat

2 min readAug 25, 2023

At Octopus Network, we’re excited to share a crucial milestone in NEAR’s journey towards decentralization: The NEAR Digital Collective (NDC). As a key project within the NEAR ecosystem, we are committed to contributing to its growth. Our efforts, including initiatives like $NEAR Restaking and NEAR-IBC, are designed to enhance NEAR’s competitive advantage among leading Layer1 networks, ensuring its prominence in the evolving crypto landscape.

With this vision in mind, we are proud to announce that our founder, Louis Liu, is running for a House of Merit seat in the NDC Governance Elections. Your support and votes from September 8 to 20 would be invaluable to us.

The Power of NDC 🌐

The NDC, led by Illia Polosukhin, is revolutionizing NEAR’s journey toward decentralization. This community-driven initiative establishes self-governance and a dedicated treasury. On-chain voting ensures equitable fund allocation and accountability, fostering transparent decisions. Despite initial custody by the NEAR Foundation, the long-term goal is to return 40% of token supply to the community. NDC’s foundational framework, including the House of Merit, Council of Advisors, and Transparency Commission, paves the way for effective and transparent governance, marking a pioneering step toward decentralization.

Pre-Voting Requirements: 🗒️

Ahead of the September 8 vote, ensure you have:
- A customized NEAR Wallet on MyNearWallet (e.g., otto.near)
- Verification within the NEAR ecosystem via the I-AM-HUMAN app.

The IAH initiative builds trust by verifying identities on NEAR. This proof-of-personhood grants access to NDC voting, equitable airdrops, reputation systems, and innovative earning opportunities. Remember, you have until September 1 to get verified on IAH.

Supporting Our Founder’s Candidacy: 🗳️

Get ready to support our Founder’s candidacy:
- Connect to near.org with your MyNearWallet.
- Visit bit.ly/3qIRITC
- Like the Mr. Liu profile.
- Click on “Confirm.”

Not Verified on NEAR Yet?
To verify:
- Visit the IAH app and click “Connect Wallet.”
- Select your NEAR wallet via the wallet selection tool.
- Follow instructions for the Fractal face scan, review terms and conditions.
- Capture a 5-second 3D selfie with your device’s camera.
- Return to IAH to mint your Soul Binding (SBT) token.

Key Election Dates:

- September 1, 23:59:59 UTC — Registration Deadline via IAH
- September 8, 00:00:00 UTC — Voting Begins
- September 22, 23:59:59 UTC — Voting Concludes

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress toward a decentralized NEAR ecosystem. Your support greatly matters to us.

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